Dermal Filler foundation CPD Aesthetics short course

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On this foundation Dermal Filler course you will learn how to fill lines and wrinkles, and how to add volume to areas such as your lips. Dermal fillers should be performed to give a natural look. Dermal fillers is to accentuate the features rather than attempting to create a new look. This is done by using a gel-like substances injected under the skin into your face and lips.

  During this course you will learn how to:
• Prepare the treatment area
• Prepare the client for treatment
• Carry out a client consultation
• Carry out treatments on the: lower third of the face, including the lips, nasolabial folds and smile lines, to a standard
that meets client’s requirements
• This course also covers how to dissolve dermal fillers using hyaluronidase
• Provide after care advice

During this course you will also learn how to:

  • The properties and different functions of dermal fillers.
  • Understand which dermal filler to use for greatest effect.
  • Understand important facial anatomy and physiology of the face.
  • Understand health and safety, side effects reduction, effectiveness and longevity of treatments.
  • Understand how to avoid or deal with side effects,
  • Understand how to treat local allergic reaction to dermal fillers.
  • Understand how to manage contra action of dermal filler, and how to dissolve a treatment safely.
  • Understand how dermal filler treatments change over time to avoid over-treatment.

    On completion of the course all successful learners will receive CPD Certificate which enables you to apply for public liability insurance 



What can I do after my qualification

Filler foundation


Life changes after qualifying


Obtain CPD Accreditation


Obtain Public Liability Insurance


Work from home or salon


Add another treatment to your pricelist

Education and Training Level 5 Course


When will I receive my Certificate

After completing all coursework, assignments, assessments and have made full course payments you will receive your qualification