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VTCT Level 4 Certificate Course Accredited by VTCT

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Micropigmentation/Microblading VTCT Level 4 Certificate Qualification

What will I learn on this course?

  • Management of health, safety, and security in the salon
  • Quality management of client care in the hair and beauty sector
  • Enhance appearance using Micropigmentation/Microblading treatment

What does this qualification cover?

  • This qualification is designed for the 18+ age group.
  • This qualification will require research.
  • This qualification builds on existing knowledge and understanding of therapy skills
  • This Qualification will develop technical skills to prepare learners for employment.
  • Learners will have their skills assessed in a real or realistic working environment.

This Qualification includes:

  • The skills involved in providing a thorough consultation with the client.
  • Design a specific course of treatment, tailored to suit individual client needs.
  • The use of use Micropigmentation/Microblading techniques.
  • Manage the health, safety and security of the salon.

Course Fees

– Price £4999

– All Inclusive

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Accredited by VTCT

for Insurance and Licensing

All qualifications delivered in the UK must be accredited to ensure their quality. 

Any qualification which does not have accreditation may not provide the learner with the ability to use that qualification to seek employment, obtain public liability insurance or set up in business. 

This qualification will allow the learner to seek employment, set up in business and obtain public liability insurance to treat clients.

Benefits of this package after graduating

Start your own business

After Completing the NVQ Qualifications or many of the short courses you may be able to set up a beauty Business of your own.  Please speak with the course coordinator about this when booking your qualification

Obtain Insurance to work

In order to work in the Beauty Industry, you will require the right type of insurance.  Insurance companies will only insure Qualified Beauty Therapists who have an approved Accredited Beauty Qualification.  Please speak to our course coordinator about this when booking your course.

Work on Cruise Ships

Ever wanted to work on a cruise liner as a Beauty Therapist?  ELBA Academy offers the accreditations that will enable you to do so. VTCT, ITEC, and CIDESCO.  Ask about recruitment on Cruise Liners when booking your NVQ Qualifications.

Work  Abroad or the UK

Many of our students who have qualified at ELBA Academy have travelled overseas to either set up businesses for themselves or have found work abroad.  If you intend to use your qualification abroad then please speak with our course coordinator who will advise you on this

Start a mobile business

After Completing the NVQ Qualifications or many of the short courses you may be able to set up your own mobile beauty therapy Business of your own.  Please speak with the course coordinator about this when booking your qualification

Start work immediately

We are approached by many Beauty Salons looking for potential candidates to work in their Salons.  Why not use this opportunity to join our network of newly qualified therapists and let us support you in this area.  Speak with our Course coordinator when booking your course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What previous experience do I need to enrol in this Micropigmentation/Microblading VTCT Level 4 Certificate Course.
  • Yes learners must have a level 3  in beauty for this course
  • Learners must be able to read and write and understand English
How can I enrol on this this Micropigmentation/Microblading VTCT Level 4 Certificate Course?
  • Ensure that this qualification is the correct one that you want.  If unsure please call the course coordinator on 0208 981 2558.
  • Buy this course using the buy this course button which you on every course page on the website.
  • After buying the course complete the purchase course form to start the registration process.
  • We will then contact you and send you a Registration Form. with the timetable and other relevant details
What are the benefits of this Micropigmentation/Microblading VTCT Level 4 Certificate Course?

This qualification will qualify graduates to set up their own beauty businesses and obtain special treatment licenses and insurance. however, you will only be able to offer treatments that you are qualified to perform.  This Facial Electrical Level 3 Certificate Qualification delivered in the UK is approved by Government and Local Authority and Qualifies learners to work in the Beauty Industry.

  • Work From Home

Many of our learners set up a home beauty business which enables them to build up a client base and offer treatments without having the overheads of a commercial high street salon. Although you will not need a special treatment licence however you will need to obtain insurance.

  • Mobile Beauty Therapist

After graduation, students can set up their own mobile beauty business.  This is very convenient for the client as they get to be treated in their own home, however, therapists must have their own vehicle and will have to carry their products and equipment from client to client.

  • Work Abroad

Graduates can use this qualification to also work abroad in beauty related business. Please see VTCT websites to check which countries accept the qualifications.

Many Beauty Salons and health Spas approach our college asking for students to work as beauty Therapists within their Salons.  Although many vacancies are filled this way, we can only recommend students who have shown that they are seriously committed to training and the beauty Industry.

What coursework must be submitted to pass this Micropigmentation/Microblading VTCT Level 4 Certificate Course.?

Only three sets of documents are required for the Portfolio of evidence folder.

  • Treatment Evidence Forms

Learners will be assessed performing treatments on clients.  This evidence will be recorded on a Treatment evidence form and placed inside a portfolio of evidence folder.  You will perform 5 assessments to cover all the treatment required.

  • Assignments

Learners will be required to submit written assignments so that their learning can be evaluated by their tutor. These assignments will also be placed inside a portfolio of evidence folder.

  • Mock Exam

Learners will receive a mock test paper before their final on-line MCQ exams to make sure that they are ready for the final exam.

How can I pass this Micropigmentation/Microblading VTCT Level 4 Certificate Course?
  • Register and Book Class
    All learners must enrol in their chosen course by completing the online application form and submit it together with their proof of ID and address. Once we have received your application we will then take payment and send you information relating to your course.
  • Attend and fully participate in all classes
    All courses are scheduled according to the syllabus that needs to be delivered.  if students miss classes unnecessarily then we will not hold extra classes for days missed.  Students will therefore have to attend future classes which will delay them receiving their qualification.  This will also incur a fee of £50 per day per student.
  • Complete all assignments and Assessments
    As part of the coursework students are expected to complete all assignments and assessments for their portfolio.  Learners can then be evaluated to ensure that they are grasping the concepts of the course.
  • Complete your portfolio of evidence
    A portfolio of evidence folder must be prepared and completed by the learner with the support of their tutor. The portfolio shows that the learner has contributed fully to their course.  This portfolio will store all evidence of assessments which is Treatments performed, worksheets, assignments and any other evidence required by the examining body.  Portfolios will be checked by the internal verifier
  • Set a time to study at home
    We appreciate that learners may lead busy lives and therefore have limited time to spend on studying and assignments; however, we emphasize that learners allocate an hour or two per day to keep up with their coursework.  We also advise that learners work in an environmentally friendly area with plenty of ventilation and most importantly students must receive adequate rest and a well-balanced diet.
When will I receive my Micropigmentation/Microblading VTCT Level 4 Certificate Course.
  • As soon as your portfolio of evidence has been completed, your folder will then be passed on to our Internal verifier for verification.
  • If the Internal verifier is happy that your portfolio is completed correctly we then send up to the relevant accreditation board to claim your Qualification.
  • All fees must be completed before we can claim for your qualification
  • Once we have claimed for your qualification the Accreditation board can take up to a month before we receive your qualification and call you to collect it from the academy.
  • We do not post Qualifications to students.  However, if learners find it too difficult to collect their qualification they can designate someone to collect it on their behalf.
Do I need to wear a student uniform to attend the Academy?
  • Full uniform for all students
    All students will require to be in full Beauty Therapists Uniform when attending Practical and Theory Classes and on-line Exams.  Students who do not have the appropriate uniform will not be allowed to enter the college to do any scheduled work.
Will I have to provide my own models for assessments?
  • Yes, you will need to bring with you your models for you to be assessed on.
  • We do understand that some learners may find it difficult to find models for their assessments. However, this is a training environment which aims as near as possible to simulate a real working environment.  If learners are not able to find models for their assessments then we do try to assist where we can but it is primarily not the responsibility of the academy.
Are their concessions for people on low income on this qualification?
  • East London Beauty Academy is a Private College and therefore do not receive any concessions, Government funding, grants or subsidies.
  • The pricing structure for all courses has been reduced considerably in order to give all learners the opportunity to afford their courses. 
  • All learners will have the option to either pay for the course in full in which case they will receive a further discount of 5% or students are also given the option to pay by monthly payments at 0% interest. 
  • The main benefit of our courses is that they are intensive, can be completed in a shorter time frame and we have smaller classes which in many cases enhance learning.
  • Many of our students enhance their skills by working with live clients in our student salon thus gaining valuable salon working experience. This gives them the opportunity to be referred to salons requiring beauty therapist with experience. 
  • We also encourage our learners to actively seek employment and we also give advice on how to set up your own business with continuous support even after they have graduated.
  • The pricing for all courses has been reduced considerably in order to give all learners the opportunity to afford their courses.  Also, learners will have the option to either pay for the course in full in which case they will receive a further discount of 5% and students are also given the option to pay by monthly payments at 0% interest.

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