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Marking Criteria for Treatments

These marking criterion is an example of what is required in a Facial treatment. Appearance, Client care and Hygiene and Sterilisation will be the same as or similar to other treatments; however the marking criteria will vary slightly depending on the treatment done.  


  • The candidate must demonstrate:
  • Clean, ironed professional uniform
  • Clean, neat hair, tied back/up if long and off the collar and face
  • Short, clean, well-manicured nails with no varnish and clean hands
  • Clean, sensible full flat shoes, socks should be worn
  • Tights were an appropriate colour for the uniform if wearing a skirt
  • No jewellery- with the exception of a wedding band and 1 pair of small stud earrings (religious jewellery must be taped)
  • Nobody or breath door
  • No chewing gum or sucking sweets
  • No visible underskirts/underwear
  • Skirts to the knee. Trousers cropped no higher than calf/ trousers not trailing on the floor.


Client care

  • The candidate must demonstrate:
  • Greeted and introduced self to client
  • Assisted the client off the couch
  • Explained the treatment procedure to the client
  • Ensured the client’s comfort/ modesty throughout
  • Maintained a positive and professional approach to client/colleagues throughout. 


Hygiene and Sterilisation

  • The candidate must demonstrate:
  • Wiped equipment over with appropriate sanitizer before and after use.
  • Sanitised hands before, during and after treatment as appropriate.
  • Replaced lids on products and used spatulas to remove the cream.
  • Disposed of cotton wool, tissues, paper roll and general waste hygienically and appropriately.
  • Used salon/clinic sterilising equipment/cabinets appropriately and sanitised, used and stored small equipment appropriately 



  • The candidate:
  • Selected the correct cleanser for the skin type to remove full make-up
  • Performed the cleansing routine twice
  • Removed eye make-up and lipstick efficiently and thoroughly
  • Toned the skin leaving it clean and free from cream/lotion
  • Performed the cleanse/tone in a commercially acceptable time
  • Skin Analysis
  • The candidate:
  • Used the magnifying lamp correctly
  • Recognised any skin imperfections/lesions visible and recorded them
  • Recognised the client’s skin type/characteristics listed in the syllabus
  • Recommend treatments that are suitable for the skin type/characteristics
  • Recommended suitable products for home care. 



  • The candidate:
  • Selected the appropriate medium for the massage and applied it professionally
  • Demonstrated effleurage movements
  • Demonstrated petrissage movements
  • Demonstrated tapotement and vibration movements
  • Demonstrated friction movements
  • Maintained contact and flow throughout the routine
  • Demonstrated appropriate pressure for the client from area to area
  • Maintained the client’s comfort throughout
  • Focused on the client throughout
  • Demonstrated good posture throughout



  • The candidate:
  • Prepared the area
  • Mixed and applied an appropriate clay recipe for the skin type and demonstrated the application of commercial mask additionally
  • Applied all products evenly, efficiently and minimising waste
  • Understands the effects of the ingredients in the products used and their contraindications
  • Removed the masks efficiently and comfortably for the client. 


Home Care Advice

  • The Candidate:
  • Concluded the treatment in an appropriate way
  • Made recommendations for a follow-on appointment
  • Made recommendations for immediate aftercare
  • Made recommendations for home care advice
  • Informed the client of the short term effects of the treatment. 


Sample Oral Questions

  • Describe the client’s skin type
  • What is vitiligo?
  • What is the cause of vitiligo?
  • What sort of mask would be suitable for this skin type – why?
  • Describe the contraindications to this treatment
  • What aftercare advice would you give to the client?


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