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Student Information

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  • Attendance
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication
  • Punctuality
  • Self Discipline



Students must arrive on time for all sessions and must contact the Academy if they are unable to attend class.

arrowTeam Work

It is important that students understand the importance of team work.  Be considerate and helpful to each other, listening, maintaining a positive attitude, cheerful, on confrontational, supportive, give constructive criticism, no swearing, no dirty jokes or racist comments    


Students must understand the importance of professionalism of working in a salon environment with others and giving advice to clients and meet their beauty needs colleagues and clients come from diverse backgrounds and you need to work with them all, therefore students must not refuse to work with a particular client for any reason. 

arrowChanges during Courses.

It is important that students be made aware that the college may need to put new procedures into place to improve its services; however, students will be kept informed of any such changes made throughout the duration of their course. Help will be given to the students to understand and implement the new change. If something is brought to our attention which requires immediate change for health and safety purposes then we will need to implement it immediately.


Keeping the salon clean and tidy is extremely important for Health Safety and Hygiene reasons.  Floors, bins must be kept clean, preparation areas, student stations, wash basins etc must be kept clean regularly. Make sure that there is always a clean supply of towels and that soiled towels are placed in the appropriate baskets. Take appropriate precautions when using products which might cause dermatitis or cross infections. 

All relevant information is provided in the the East London Beauty Academy Student Handbook.