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Operating Practical Exams Policy

 Practical Examination Protocols at East London Beauty Academy 


At East London Beauty Academy Practical Examinations are required in order to pass some of the exams.  This section gives the full guidelines for holding a practical examination at an ITEC registered Centre.



 Before students can take the practical exam:


  Candidates must complete the course fully and be able to achieve all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria within the ITEC syllabus


  Candidates are fully conversant with the ITEC Candidate guidance notes and ITECs expectations of them during examinations


  Candidates are adequately prepared and have had a full practical internal assessment using the ITEC marking criteria and ITEC pre-assessment form/s which may be found on the ITEC website.  A pre-assessment form is required for each unit where applicable


  The timetable for the examination day is agreed by the ITEC Practical Examiner prior to publication
to the Candidates. Failure to do so may result in disruptions to the examinations on the day


  Only 10 Candidates are seen at one time unless prior permission has been sought from the ITEC Practical Examiner for an absolute maximum of 12 (ITEC Examiners will not see more than 2 categories of practical examinations at one time. Please check with the ITEC Examiner before scheduling)


  All Candidates to be examined have been included on the ITEC examination enrolment form that has already been sent to the ITEC office or completed and submitted online. ITEC should have been notified in advance of any additional Candidates on the ITEC examination enrolment forms 


  Treatment evidence/case study/assignments have been assessed and internally quality assured and that all assessment forms are completed fully and are placed with the Candidates evidence ready for the ITEC Practical Examiner to verify.  Alternatively, all documentation must be completed fully, assessed and internally quality assured and uploaded to the ITEC E-Portfolio which is free of charge and available to all learners. If Candidates’ documentation/evidence has not been assessed and internally quality assured by the Lecturer/s or is not available for verification this will result in referral or delays in certification.


  The room is suitable for the examination, i.e. space, temperature, lighting, noise levels


  Sucient equipment is available and in good working order in accordance with the ratios set out
within the Centre Registration Document


  All necessary products are available for the examination


  Candidates and clients must be punctual


  Candidates wear name badges with their ITEC Student ID number shown and have photographic identification available for inspection


  Suitable external clients are provided that will enable the Candidates to demonstrate ALL of the practical skills necessary to achieve the qualification (clients must not be Lecturers, Therapists or on a Therapy Training Course). Centres must ensure that clients are agreeable to act as such and that they are not suering from any contraindications that may cause a Candidate or the ITEC Practical Examiner to have to stop the procedure


  Candidates are not under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol


  Candidates bags are left outside the examination room


  ALL Candidates and clients switch o mobile telephones


  Lecturers refrain from entering the examination room once the examination has commenced unless asked to do so by the ITEC Practical Examiner


  Examination changeovers are performed smoothly and eciently between groups, within 15


  A Lecturer or Centre Manager should be available throughout to ensure the smooth running of the practical examinations on the day


  ALL Lecturers delivering ITEC programmes are present to listen to the ITEC Practical Examiners


  All Lecturers understand that the ITEC Practical Examiners decision is final


  All Lecturers and Candidates are familiar with ITEC procedures,in particular the process of acquiring results and the appeals, complaints and malpractice policy documents 


  Candidates do not attempt to discuss any aspect of the examination with the ITEC Practical


  In order to avoid disappointment, Lecturers do not discuss results with Candidates until all results have been aggregated and released into the ITEC results portal



 During the examination visit, the ITEC Practical Examiner will: 

  Practically assess all Candidates


  Meet with the Lecturers and check relevant documentation on Centre Quality control


  Verify the Candidates treatment evidence/case studies/ assignment work


  Sample Candidates work


  Feedback the details of the practical examination(s) to the relevant Lecturers


  Seek clarification regarding Centre governance and Centre Policy


  Check action/s (if any) from previous examination visit has been resolved/completed


  Agree an action plan if/when necessary






Where treatment evidence/case studies/ assignments are verified and the ITEC Practical Examiner considers that they do not meet the ITEC standard, the ITEC Practical Examiner will produce a referral report indicating the additional work which must be completed in order to uplift the documentation to a pass grade.  The referral report will be left at the centre for inclusion in the Candidate documentation to inform the Candidate of the re-submission requirements.


Once the additional work has been completed by the Candidate, the documentation should be re-submitted to the Internal Assessor at the Centre for re-marking.  The Centre is responsible for re-marking the documentation and when they can confirm that a pass grade has been achieved, the relevant assessment form for the unit(s) should be signed as complete.  The completed and signed assessment form only must be forwarded to ITEC in order to update the Candidates records.  Treatment evidence/case studies/assignments should not be forwarded to the ITEC oce. 


Please see ITEC Website for their Policy on Operating Practical Exams Policy.



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