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What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking online courses


The On-Line Beauty Courses at East London Beauty Academy have been designed to accommodate those who want to receive an accredited Beauty Qualification but are not able to attend classes due to their current circumstances.

All of our online courses are accredited and once you have received your certification you will then be able to seek employment in the Beauty Industry, or set up your own business, work from home and apply for public liability insurance.

Advantages of On-Line Courses 

  • Online classes give flexibility. You can study at whatever time suits you
  • Online classes give flexibility. You can study at whatever time suits you
  • Accelerated courses you can study as many courses as you choose. 
  • Convenient for the student, you will be able to study in your own time
  • Courses are at reduced rates. And are cheaper than classroom based courses.
  • Savings on fares for travel.


Disadvantages of On-Line Courses 

  • Lack of supervision, 
  • students will not have access to use the college facilities except on specific days set for assessments. This, however, is offset by the fact that learners will be able to contact their tutor anytime by email and during working hours until 9 pm 
  • The majority of students learning is not based in a classroom setting and therefore will not receive the benefits that can be gained through the dynamics of the group, ie the interaction of tutor students. 
  • Because there is lack of supervision students will have to be self-motivated and able to work to set targets and goals. You course Tutor, however, will help you with this if you feel that you will need assistance in this area



  • All ELBA courses are accredited by BABTAC and are recognized in the Beauty Industry. Once qualified you will be able to use these qualifications to seek employment or start up your own business. 
  • Distance learning courses are accessible, flexible and are an alternative to attending courses in a college. 
  • You will be able to study from home and come and participate in class at pre-agreed schedules that suit you. 
  • Your course will be coordinated and a schedule of study will be reached by agreement between yourself and your tutor. 
  • You will need to attend specific days for practical training and assessments and these will be pre-arranged days that will take place at your convenience. 
  • With online courses, you will receive the same high-quality service, instruction and course content that you would have received on a fulltime course. This will then leave you with the time to deal with the other tasks that you need to give attention to. With online learning, you save also on the costs of childcare and commuting to and from the college less the stress and also a reduced fee for the courses.


What will I need to study

Students will need a quiet place to study, a computer with a facility to connect to the internet, a modem, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and an e-mail account. We will provide you with the course materials, and advise you on textbooks that you may need to purchase if necessary. Learner guidance and study materials will be given at the beginning and throughout the duration of the course.

Communication with the Course Tutor

Students will be able to communicate with their tutor and other students via e-mail telephone, electronic submissions or post. Your courses will be designed so that you receive assignments, complete them in your own time and then return after completion by electronic mail or post. Your tutor will evaluate your work and provide feedback before moving unto the next stage.

When will I receive my certificate

Once you have completed the coursework and the assignment you will come to the college and be taught the practical sections. Assessments will be taken once all the theory work has been completed. Once you have successfully completed the course materials, assignments and assessments you will then be awarded your certificate for your chosen subject.

How to manage your On-line Study

As you will be managing your own study in your own time it is important to liaise with your tutor so that a plan of study can be arranged with you. You will be able to contact us at scheduled times if you feel that you are not able to keep up with your planned study. You should stick to the scheduled study plan to ensure that you are able to complete your study. This method of study requires you to be self-disciplined and motivated


Here is a list of do’s that will guarantee success as an online student.

Your classes will start on the day as scheduled on the website and all students enrolling for their particular course must complete the registration and course administration.

You can study online at your own pace and be online whenever you want however even though some students may study ahead of others all practical assessments will be held on specific days but the assignment will be given collectively to the group and will have a deadline to return to the tutor.

Online classes require you to be self disciplined and have the ability to manage your time efficiently. Please read all information that you will be given very carefully when registering.

In order to take a distance learning class you need; A reliable computer with Microsoft office application, a reliable internet connection. an active e-mail account. and a quiet place of study.

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