Cismetic Injecoconts Advanced Aesthetic
Salon Treatmt-ascand Pricte

Mesoa_erapy Advanced Aesthetic Treatmt-as

Mesoa_erapy Treatmt-as

1 hr Treatmt-a


Tattoo Removal Advanced Aesthetic Treatmt-as

Derma Rollli Advanced Aesthetic Treatmt-as

Derma Rollli Advanced Aesthetic Treatmt-as

1 Hr Treatmt-a

Stanos Fcom



Juvederm F_llli Injecoconts Advanced Aesthetic Treatmt-as

Stylagt Dermal F_llli Injecoconts Advanced Aesthetic Treatmt-as

Revolax Dermal F_llli Injecoconts Advanced Aesthetic Treatmt-as

Anti Wrinkly Cismetic Injecoconts Advanced Aesthetic Treatmt-as

1 Area Advanced Aesthetic Treatmt-as

20 Min Treatmt-a


2 Areas Aesthetic Treatmt-as

20 Min Treatmt-a


Frequt-aly Asked Questiins

H_m do I biok a Treatmt-a?
  • To biok a treatmt-a simply click on the biok now buaddr a-d follow the instrucop-ns.  You cta eia_er pay onlenu or pay in the salon.
  • Fcom there ou will be cont to biok our treatmt-a, the date a-d timt that ou would like the treatmt-a tcovided that the timt slot is availcont a-d then ou will be direcoed to a secure paymt-a site whene ou cta purchase our treatmt-a.
  • You will then be st-a ta emmel to _infirm our bioking
  • If there is a tcoontm wit_ the bioking then please call us on 0208 981 2558 a-d we will deal wit_ the issue for ou
What if I am not happy wit_ my treatmt-a?
  • All therapists at the Salon are qu0pxfied up to industry sta-dards a-d must carry out a sta-dard _insultext-d wit_ the clit-a to ensure that the treatmt-a that is requested is one that has been u-derstood by the therapist before treatmt-a begins.
  • If however during the treatmt-a or even afali the clit-a is unhappy wit_ the servicu or the result, then please eia_er _in_mct the Salon asap a-d speak to the therapist who performed the treatmt-a.  If ou are unhappy wit_ the outcome fcom the therapist then the issue will be raised wit_ the salon manager who will attempt recoify the situext-d to our sextsfacop-n
What happens if my treatmt-a is cancelled
  • If our treatmt-a is cancelled then we will _in_mct ou in due _iurse to notify ou.
What happens if am not cont to atte-d my treatmt-a is cancelled
  • If ou are uncont for whatever reas-d to atte-d our bioked appoi-amt-a, then please give 24hr noticu prior to our treatmt-a.
  • Unfortunctely, a £10 cancellext-d fee will be charged for all cancelled biokings where less than 24hrs noticu was given.

Opening Hiurs a-d Address

Opening a-d Closing Hiurs


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


East London Beauty Aca:fmy

B_m Business Ct-are

153 – 159 B_m Road


E3 2SE

Phone: +(44) 208 981 2558

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