How to File a Complaint at ELBA


  1. If you are unsure about whether you should file a complaint:

First contact the internal verifier via email to discuss your complaint. It may be that we are able to rectify the situation immediately so that it will not cause any disruption to your studies at the academy. You will be able to obtain her email from your tutor.

  1. If this is not satisfactory then please fill out the student complaint form in order for us to address your complaint.

Please give as much detail as possible, including the exact nature of the complaint, dates of incidents, names of people involved at the academy and what actions have been taken if any by the institution if any.  Please give or supply any copies of any written documentation.

  1. Attach documentation to the student complaint form.

Please supply any and all records that provide evidence of the problem and your efforts to solve it. Documentation will help us to resolve the matter speedily and help us learn about the issue and investigate.

  1. Simply press send once you have completed the form.

Once you have completed the form please save a copy for your records.  A representative will contact you by telephone if agreed by you where you will be able to speak clearly about the complaint and where we will have the opportunity to rectify the complaint.


How Complaints are handled

Once we have received your complaint at head office these are the following steps that we take:

We will review your written complaint and initiate an investigation

We may contact you

We may ask clarifying questions or gather additional evidence in support of your complaint. We may also seek verification of the complaint from independent sources who may have witnessed events or have other documentation.

We will then pass it unto the welfare officer who will liaise between you and the academy to see if the complaint can be resolved.

If our office finds that your complaint is genuine we will then offer a solution or a compromise and come to a decision.

What will happen if you are not happy with the outcome.

If after a decision has been made and you feel that it was handled inadequately then you can appeal using the same form within 7 days to the academy asking them to review their decision.

If the academy feels that it has acted in the best interests of the academy and you the student and have not broken the contractual agreement then you may contact the Accreditation board of either ITEC or VTCT to take the matter to them.

You can ask your tutor for the contact details of either VTCT or ITEC or you can obtain it with a Google search.