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Student Code of Conduct at ELBA


Students are expected follow all Policies Procedures and Health, Safety and Security guidelines as laid down by East London Beauty Academy management team. This not only helps us to work better but also helps prevent accidents, damage and theft.  

  1. Observe no-smoking regulations.
  2. Know and react swiftly to the fire drill.
  3. Observe all Health & safety regulations.
  4. Only operate equipment after they have been shown how to use it.
  5. keep all areas clean and tidy, and use equipment properly and behave sensibly. This not only helps us to work better but also helps prevent accidents, damage and theft.
  6. Notify Admin before the start of the session if they are going to be absent and support any absence longer than 4 sessions with a doctor’s certificate.
  7. Contact the college with an explanation, if there are any unexplained absences.
  8. not remove any College equipment and materials or take any equipment out of the College without the permission of an authorised member of staff.
  9. Keep any money, credit cards and other valuables with them at all times.
  10. Students must not bring valuable items of equipment or clothing to College unless this is relevant to their College work. The College does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal possessions.
  11. Students must not invite people who are not members of the College onto the premises. Visitors and clients must report to Reception.
  12. Report immediately to a member of the College staff If students have any problems or worries In particular, if students are harassed or intimidated by anyone it must be reported to a member of staff as soon as possible.
  13. If students wish to see a member of staff privately, arrangements can be made to book an appointment to see them at the end of the session.
  14. Students must familiarise themselves with written notices and check the bulletin board.
  15. Students must behave at all times in a calm, quiet, orderly and sensible manner and treat others with respect and politeness.
  16. Students must respect the right of all individuals to be free from harassment of any kind, whether sexual, racial or otherwise.
  17. Students must avoid the use of language that may be offensive to others.
  18. Students must turn off mobile phones whilst in class.
  19. That the possession or consumption of alcohol is not permitted.
  20. That the possession of any illegal substances is a serious offence which will normally lead to disciplinary action.
  21. Students must comply with reasonable instructions relating to behaviour from any College staff.
  22. Students must attend regularly and on time for full sessions morning, afternoon and evening.
  23. That failure to submit assignments/meet deadlines the student will be required to meet with the tutor. 24) That it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the office is aware of any changes in personal circumstances e.g. home address.
  24. Students must give 2 weeks’ notice of holiday arrangements.
  25. Students must participate fully in their programme of study.
  26. Students must not access inappropriate websites as this is strictly forbidden.
  27. Students must complete ‘real’ jobs as part of their NVQ.
  28. Students must wear the college uniform of black.
  29. Students must abide by the rules and regulations


Opening Hours and Address

Opening and Closing Hours


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


East London Beauty Academy

Bow Business Centre

153 – 159 Bow Road


E3 2SE

Phone: +(44) 208 981 2558

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