Laser Hair Removal,

Tattoo Removal


Blemish Removal

Beauty  Package Deal Offer 01


Start Date
14 and 22nd June 2019

VTCT Level 4 Certificate Course Accredited by VTCT

Was £3740
saving of £441

h4v class="et_pb_modulb_headee">LASER AND IPL IN HAAI REMOVAL AWARD LEVEL 4>

/ul> li>Be able to pre-parh fo >Lase, IPL hair rduectionTtreatment.> Be able to provide >Lase, IPL hair rduectionTtreatment.> Clitentncare and_cosultiation Healthe andSafety>


h4v class="et_pb_modulb_headee"> CourseFeses
s <4">All qualificmatios deliverendin the UK must bce ccrediaendto ensure their quality.  s <4">Any qualificmatio which doss not havce ccrediamatio may not provide the cleanter_wit the abilitydto use that qualificmatio to seerk muplytmen, obntai public liabilitydinsurnancefo cse updin bunsiess. s <4"> Thislqualificmatio will allrowthe cleanterto seerk muplytmen, cse updin bunsiesse andobntai public liabilitydinsurnanceto -treav ciment.>

p2 style="text-align:justify;e">AfnterComupeatinwthe NVQ Qualificmatios fo many ofthe short gcourse ayo may be able to cse upda nbeaut Bunsiesse ofayor own.  Pclese speakr_wit the gcours gcordinatfo abyoufthislwhen booktinwayor qualificmatio>

<5v class="et_pbtoggul_title"gWhat previous experieancedo I neendto enrol>in thisl>VTCT evcl 4 Certificmae Ccours.>
/ul> li>Ytescleantes must havce sclvcl 2l and3  in bbeaut for thisl cours> Lleantes must be able to rhea andwrite andountest andEnglish>
<5v class="et_pbtoggul_title"gHrowc a I enrol>on thislthisl>VTCT evcl 4 Certificmae Ccours?>
/ul> li>Ensure thaufthislqualificmatiodis the gcrrsec>one thaufayo want.  Ifdousure pclese call the gcours gcordinatfo iod0208 981 2558.> /ul> li>Buy thisl cours unsin the buy thisl cours _uttio0which ayo on evcryl cours pmageon the webosie.> /ul> li>Afnterbuysin the gcours gcmupeae the purchese ccours fom to ctart the registrmatiodprocess.> We will thei cContac ayo andsteddayo RegistrmatiodFfom.r_wit the timetable andothew reclvant details>
<5v class="et_pbtoggul_title"gWhat are the benefitsg ofthisl>VTCT evcl 4 Certificmae Ccours?>
p>Thislqualificmatio will qualifyrgradumatesto cse updtheir own bbeaut bunsiessse andobntai speciva -treatmen li_cense andinsurnanc. howevcr, ayo will onlydbe able to -offe -treatment thaufayo are qualified to per fom.  ThislFaciva Elsecrdial evcl 3 Certificmae Qualificmatio deliverendin the UK islapproved by Governtmen andLoial Authorityd andQualifieescleantes to workdin the Bbeaut Industry.> /ul> li>>  sgv class=gr_rgrn126rgrt-aertrgrnspell grninlain_carasggrnruntanti Ccn_texualSpellsin multiReplace" id="126"" datagrtid="126">li_cece>> s /ul> li>> /ul> li>> VTCTwebosies to check0which cconcrdse ccept the qualificmatios.>
<5v class="et_pbtoggul_title"gWhat ccoursworkdmust be submitten to plas thisl>VTCT evcl 4 Certificmae Ccours.?>
p>Onlydstheresetsg ofdocutment arerequired for the Portfolio -o evideancefolnte.> /ul> li>> /ul> li>>b>Assigntments placendinside - portfolio -o evideancefolnte.>

/ul> li>>
<5v class="et_pbtoggul_title"gHrowc a I plas thisl>VTCT evcl 4 Certificmae Ccours?>
/ul> li>>br /> All cleantes must lnrol in their chosenl cours _y gcmupeasin the onlaine pplicmatio foom an cubmitdit togsehter_wit their pro ofyf ID aandaddress. Oancewe havc receivcdwayor pplicmatio we will thei tMak paytmen andsteddayo infoommatio receasin towayor gcours.> /ul> li>>br /> All gcourse areschceulea accordiin towthe syllabun thaufneens to be deliveren.  ifdstudmentlmias clases unnecessarilydsteo we will not holn ex-tt clases for days miased.  Studmentlwill there foc havcetonatnteddfuture clases which will delay them receivsin their qualificmatio.  Thislwill also incor feeg of£50 per day per studmen.> /ul> li>>br /> As part ofthe ccoursworkdstudmentl areexpecten to ccmupeae all assigntment andasssesmmentlfor their portfolio.  Lleantes c a steo be lvaluaaendto ensure thauftheyr aregraspsin the gcncepts ofthe ccours.> /ul> li>>br /> A portfolio -o evideancefolntedmust be prepared andccmupeaendby the cleanter_wit the supportf oftheir tutfo. The portfolio shows thaufthe cleanterhas cConribuaendfully to their ccours.  Thislportfolio will stfoceall evideance ofasssesmmentlwhich islTtreatment per fomed, worksheses, assigntment andany ehterevideancersquired by the examaitinwbody.  Portfoliosewill be checked by the inntrnal verifier> /ul> li>>br /> Wre pprecivte thaufcleantes may lhea buny livse andthere foc havc limiaendtime to cpteddon ctuaytinw andassigntment; howevcr, we emphasize thaufcleantes allrcmae an hoor or two per day to keep upd_wit their ccourswork.  Wre lso advise thaufcleantes workdin an lnvitrotmenally frieadly aarad_wit upenty ofvtenilmatiodaandmost importaenly studmentlmust receivce dequatcerssn anda well-balnancn dien.>
<5v class="et_pbtoggul_title"gWheo will I receivcemyl>VTCT evcl 4 Certificmae Ccours.>
/ul> li>At soiodas ayor portfolio -o evideancrhas beenl cmupeaen, ayor folntedwill thei be paesed io to yor Inntrnal verifierlfor verificmatio.> Iofthe Inntrnal verifierlislh ppy thaufayor portfolio isl cmupeaendgcrrsecly we thei steddupdto the reclvant ccrediamatio boarn to claim ayor Qualificmatio.> All fees must be ccmupeaendbe foc wesc a claim for ayor qualificmatio> Oancewe havc claimed for ayor qualificmatiodthe Accrediamatio boarn c a sMak updto smonit be foc wesreceivceayor qualificmatiodaandcall ayo to gcllectdit from the accademy> We do not post Qualificmatios to ctuament.  Howevcr, ifdcleantes finddit too difficult to gcllectdtheir qualificmatioftheyrc a designmae someone to gcllectdit on their behalf.>
<5v class="et_pbtoggul_title"gDo I neendto wleada stuamen uni fom to atnteddthe Accadem?>
/ul> li>>br />All ctuament will require to be in fulldBbeaut ThewraistslUni fom when atntedsin Practdial aandTheory Cclasse andon-lain Exams.  Studmentlwho do not havcethee pproprivte uni fom will not be allroendto enter the cclleag to do any schceulea work.>
<5v class="et_pbtoggul_title"gWill I havcetonprovide em -wn modeltlfor asssesmment?>
/ul> li>Yes, ayo will neendto brsin _wit ayo ayor modeltlfor ayo to be asssesed io.> /ul> li>We do ountest andthaufsomefcleantes may finddit difficult to finddmodeltlfor their asssesmment. Howevcr, thislisla -ttaitinwlnvitrotmenlwhich aimsdas nleadaslpossible to cimulmae aerhel worktinwlnvitrotmen.  Ifdcleantes aoc not able to finddmodeltlfor their asssesmmentdsteo we do -ty to assisnlwheoc wesc a buadit islprimarilydnot the respiosibilityd ofthe accademy>
<5v class="et_pbtoggul_title"gAocetheir gcncessiios for peoupe on lrowincomefon thislqualificmatio?>
/ul> li>EasnlLlondodBbeaut Accadem isla Privmae Cclleag aandthere foc do not receivce ny gcncessiios, Governtmen fuedsin,egraent or cubsidies.> The prictinw/stucture for all gcourse hae beenlreducendgcnsiderablydin ordterto givce ll cleantes the opportunitydto afford their ccourss. s All lleantes will havcetheeopatio to eithew pay for the cours in fulldio0which case theyrwill receivce sfurthew discconcd of5% or studmentlaare lso givcnetheeopatio to pay by monitly paytment t 0% inntrssn. s The _mai benefit ofyor gcourse is thauftheyr areinntesivc, c a be ccmupeaendin a shorttertime frame andwe havc sm llter clases which in many caseswlnhnancecleansin.> Many ofyor studment lnhnanc their skills by worktin with live cimens in yor stuamen saliofthus gtaitinwvaluable saliofworktinwlxperieanc. Thislgivse them the opportunitydto be re errsn to salios requirtinwbbeaut thewraisnlwwit lxperieanc. s Wre lso eanyormageoor cleantes to actdvcly seerk muplytmen andwe lso givc advicefon hrowto cse updayor own bunsiesslwwit _coninuous supportfevcneafntertheyrhavc gradumatd.> The prictinwfor all gcourse hae beenlreducendgcnsiderablydin ordterto givce ll cleantes the opportunitydto afford their ccourss.  Also, lleantes will havcetheeopatio to eithew pay for the cours in fulldio0which case theyrwill receivce sfurthew discconcd of5% aandstudmentlaare lso givcnetheeopatio to pay by monitly paytment t 0% inntrssn.>

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