East London Beauty Academy


ITEC Courses Leading to CIDESCO Qualifications

Standards for ELBA Students taking Courses leading to CIDESCO Qualification

arrowEast London Beauty Academy for Beauty Therapists has made application for CIDESCO (Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie) Accreditation which means that we have courses leading to CIDESCO and is 
officially a member of the National CIDESCO Section and abides by its Rules and Regulations. 

arrowELBA encourages all students to actively seek information on CIDESCO, its history, goals, philosophy and ethics and the responsibilities and benefits of a CIDESCO Diploma Holder towards the profession and also towards the National CIDESCO Section. And upon becoming CIDESCO Qualified we encourage students to become a student member and after graduation become a professional member of such a National CIDESCO Section which will be an invaluable asset to the Beauty Therapist.

 arrowELBA Courses leading to CIDESCO Qualifications meet the required minimum of 1200 hours of practical and theoretical training followed by at least 600 hours of practical work experience as a beauty therapist, making a total of at least 1800 hours. and all ELBA tutors are fully qualified to provide practical and theoretical subjects. 

arrowOur facilities at East London Beauty Academy is equipped with 6 couches  a comfortable and safe environment for beauty, skin and body therapy, our classrooms are clean, well lit, ventilated and of the right temperature. We have a separate lecture room and facilities for student breaks and have running hot and cold water no smoking is permitted on the premises. 

arrowOur students will be expected to work with at least two ranges of professional skin care products, suitable for different skin types, from a minimum of two different manufacturers. 

arrowOur students will undergo written Tests and our students will take at least 2 written tests on each theoretical subject taught during each school year. 

arrowELBA students are required to research and write a project assignment of at least 4,000 words on a subject relevant to the study of beauty therapy The purpose of the Project is to give students the opportunity of using their knowledge, ability and creativeness the Project has to be done outside school training hours and must be written in the student’s own words. The Project should consist of or may be illustrated by photographs, drawings, cuttings from magazines and newspapers etc. It should preferably be typed with the relevant inclusion of references, bibliography, websites researched and other reading matter must be included.

arrowThe CIDESCO Examination consists of the following four parts:


A Practical Examination

B Theoretical Examination

C a written Multiple Choice Question Examination

D a Project

arrowAfter completing the examination and before receiving a CIDESCO Diploma a copy of the Certificate of Examination and of the letter of reference from the candidate’s employer verifying 600 hours salon work experience or appropriate documented proof in case of self employment of the candidate is then to be sent to the Secretariat by the Accredited CIDESCO School for her/his CIDESCO Diploma to be processed.

arrowIf a student fails the Practical or Theoretical Examination, the Accredited CIDESCO School will keep the Certificate of Examination until the student does a retake.  Two retakes are allowed which have to be taken within 2 years. After two unsuccessful retakes, the candidate would then have to be employed for three years and practise in the beauty therapy profession in order to enable her/him to re-take as a Post Graduate candidate.

arrowIn order to pass the CIDESCO Examination, candidates must obtain at least 70% of the marks in both the Practical and MCQ Examinations. A case may be considered borderline, if the candidate obtains less than 70% but at least 68% of the final marks. In cases the candidate’s written work and the candidate's yearly average tests can be taken into consideration. Any candidate who fails either the CIDESCO Practical Examination or the MCQ Theory Examination has the right to repeat that part at any Accredited CIDESCO School.

arrowThe candidate must work for at least 600 hours full time or part time, in a reputable and professional beauty salon to gain proficiency The time limit for the work experience is 2 years after having passed the CIDESCO Examination. Should a candidate not have fulfilled her/his work experience within 2 years, she/he will be required to take the CIDESCO Examination again. At the end of the work-experience, the candidate must ask her/his employer for a formal letter on a business letterhead certifying the dates of the commencement and end of the 600 hours period. In case of self employment of the candidate appropriate documented proof provided. 

arrowCandidates will after completion receive a badge specially designed for CIDESCO Diploma holder and  may use the title "CIDESCO DIPLOMA" on business cards, letter headings, advertisements, etc. directly after their names, All CIDESCO diploma holders are encouraged to become Members of their National CIDESCO