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Core of Knowledge Laser Safety Management Course

Course date: 11th May 2018

Details of this Course 

This highly successful study day is to be held at ELBA. It covers the Core of Knowledge requirements for both Care Quality Commission and Local Authority registration.  

The training is aimed at anyone who uses (or is about to be involved with) Laser or an IPL Equipments.  

The course is delivered by Stan Batchelor who has been a Laser Protection Adviser for over 20 years and sits on various expert working groups which have shaped laser safety regulation over the last few decades. He was also the National Adviser to the Care Quality Commission from 2001 to 2008 and has trained councils throughout England in taking over Aesthetic Laser Regulation. He is certificated under RPA 2000 as an LPA and also one of the 6 National Assessors for LPA’s

The course is to be held on the 11th May 2018
Course Time: 10.00 am  - 1.00 pm
Course Fee: 
 £199 per person
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Course fee includes: Refreshments, Course Handbook and Core of Knowledge Certificate.

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Further Reading

It is a requirement of local authorities and other governing bodies in the UK that practitioners offering Laser Treatments in Laser Clinics must have a Core of knowledge Qualification together with the relevant Diploma in Laser and IPL.

Core of knowledge training is a requirement by the MHRA who is an executive agency of the Department of Health whose primary function is its responsibility for regulating all medicines and medical devices in the UK by ensuring they work and are acceptably safe.  This Core of knowledge training course is approved by the BMLA and is intended for operators and other staff in Clinics using Lasers & Intense Pulsed Light systems for hair removal, skin toning, dentistry, tattoo removal and other similar procedures.

Top Tips Laser IPL and LED

Core of knowledge training is designed both to provide a grounding in the basics of the safe use of lasers & IPL systems, and also to satisfy the training requirements contained in the MHRA Device Bulletin DB2008(03) "Guidance on the safe use of lasers, intense light source systems and LEDs in medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practice".

This 'Core of Knowledge course is based on the MHRA Device Bulletin DB2008(03) "Guidance on the safe use of lasers, intense light source systems and LEDs in medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practice and will cover the syllabus' defined in Appendix C of the Guidance. Topics on the course include.

  • Characteristics of Laser / IPL Radiation
  • Radiation generation and tissue Interaction
  • Laser & IPL radiation and exposure to eye and skin
  • Precautions to keep exposure below maximum permitted levels
  • Reflection and Absorption hazards to patients and users
  • Laser / IPL safety Management and Risk assessment
  • Incidental hazards
  • Relevant standards
  • Quality Assurance and Equipment management and the role of the LPA and LPS