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+44 208 981 2558
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Frequently Asked Questions

What previous expd,ience do I need t_ (nrol is thisrBeauty Qualifictrion?
  • You need Level 2 Fanial Skincare beauty expd,ience isrrequired :1; thisrlaurse
  • Lt_f. .s mu.e be .et_ t_ ruad_nterwrite_nteruoderstand English
How c_p I (nrol os thisrFanial Elt_prictl Level 3 Qualifictrion?
  • Ensure that thisrqualifictrion isrthe larrt_p one that eou want.  Ifruosure pct_se lallrthe laurse coordbnator os 0208 981 2558.
  • Buy thisrlaurse us0n_rthe buy thisrlaurse bu-chn which eou _f hvery laurse s:bloos the website.
  • Afund buy0n_rthe laurse compcttg )}e purch_se laurse :1;-_t_ stagi )}e registrtrion lumcess.
  • We willrthen last:no eou and sand eou a Registrtrion F1;-. with )}e todet.et_ and o)}er relevant det.ils
What arg )}e benefits of thisrQualifictrion?

Thisrqualifictrion willrqualify graduules_t_ set up )}eir own beauty bus0nesses_nterobt) . spenial treatmt_t liproses_nteriosurance. howhver, eou willronly be .et_ t_ offer treatmt_ts that eou arg qualified t_ pd,:1;-.  ThisrFanial Elt_prictl Level 3 CertifictrarQualifictrion delivered is the UK israplumved by Gfullnmt_t nterLoctl Authority_nterQualifies_lt_f. .s t_ work is the Beauty Indu.ery.

  • <.erong> Work Fumn Homp

Many of aur_lt_f. .s set up a homp beauty bus0ness which en.et_srthe-_t_ buili up a clirou base_nteroffer treatmt_ts without havin_rthe fullheais of a labmernial high sereet salon. Although eou willrnot need a spenial treatmt_t liprocp howhver eou willrneed t_ obt) . iosurance.

  • <.erong>Mobile Beauty T}erapist

Afund graduulion, seudt_ts c_p set up )}eir own mobile beauty bus0ness.  Thisrisrvery lanvenirou :1; the clirou asrthey get t_ be treated is their own homp, howhver, )}erapists mu.e have their own vehiact nterwillrhave to carry their lumducts_nterequipmt_t fumn clirou to clirou.

  • <.erong>Work Abroad

Graduules_c_p use thisrqualifictrion to als_ work abroad is beauty relaoed bus0ness. Pct_se see VTCT websites t_ check which launpries_nccept the qualifictrions.

Many Beauty Salons_nterhealth Spasraplumach aur_cb_lebloasking :1; seudt_ts t_ work asrbeauty T}erapists withis their Salons.  Although many vac_pcies_nrg filled thisrway, we_c_p only rt_ommand seudt_ts whorhave shrwn that they nrg sd,iously _ommier d t_ tr) . .e nter)}e beauty Indu.ery.

What laursework mu.e be submipted t_ pass thisrQualifictrion?

Only thrug sdts of docubords_nrg required :1; the Portfoli_ of hvidence folid,.

  • <.erong>Treatmt_t Evidence F1;-s

Lt_f. .s willrbe .ssessed pd,:1;-in_rtreatmt_ts on clirous.  Thisrhvidence willrbe rt_orded _f_n Treatmt_t hvidence fo;-_ntero_nceerioside_n portfoli_ of hvidence folid,.  You willrpd,:1;- 5 .ssessmt_ts t_ cfull allrthe treatmt_t required. 

  • Assignmt_ts

Lt_f. .s willrbe rtquired t_ submiprwritten_nssignmt_ts s_ that their_lt_f. .e las be evaluaoed by their tutor. T}ese_nssignmt_ts willrals_ be o_nceerioside_n portfoli_ of hvidence folid,. 

  • <.erong>Mock Exam

Lt_f. .s willrrt_eive_n mock test p:pnd be:1;e their finalron-l .e MCQ exams t_ make sure that they nrg ruady :1; the finalrexam.

How c_p I pass thisrQualifictrion?
  • <.erong>Registll aterBook Class
    Allrlt_f. .s mu.e enrol in their chosenrlaurse by compcttin_rthe fnl .e applicapb_f fo;-_nte submiprit t_get}er with )}eir lumof af ID ateraddress. Once werhave rt_eived eour applicapb_f we willrthen take paymt_t ntersand eou dufordule{- relaoin_rto eour laurse.
  • <.erong>Attend_nteraddiy partiaiptraris all classes
    Allrlaursesrnrg schet_pbd accordbn_rto the syllabus that needs t_ be delivered.  if seudt_ts miss classes unnecessarily thef we willrnot holirextr) classes :1; days missed.  Seudt_ts will there:1;e have to attend_future llasses which willrdelayrthe-_rt_eivin_rtheir qualifictrion.  Thisrwillrals_ incur a fug af £50rpd, day pd, seudt_t.
  • <.erong>Compcttg all nssignmt_ts nterAssessmt_ts
    As part of the laursework seudt_ts nrg expdcted t_ compcttg all nssignmt_ts nter.ssessmt_ts :1; their lortfoli_.  Lt_f. .s c_p thef be evaluaoed t_ (nsure that they nrg grasp0n_rthe lancepts of the laurse.
  • <.erong>Compcttg eour portfoli_ of hvidence
    A portfoli_ of hvidence folid, mu.e be preparrd_ntercompcttgd by therlt_f. . with )}e support of their tutor. T}e portfoli_ shrws that therlt_f. . has lastributeeraddiy t_ their caurse.  Thisrportfoli_ will storg all hvidence of assessmt_ts which is Treatmt_tsrpd,:1;-ed, worksheets, nssignmt_ts nter.ny ot}er hvidence rtquired by therexam . .e sody.  Portfoli_s willrbe checked by therin)>.nalrverifier
  • <.erong>Set a tode_t_ study at homp
    We appreniate that lt_f. .s may luad_busy lives nter)}ere:1;erhave limiped tode_t_ spend_{- study .e nternssignmt_ts; howhver, we emphasize that lt_f. .s alloctraran hour 1; tworpd, day t_ keep up with )}eir laursework.  We als_ advise that lt_f. .s work is an environmt_tadiy f,iendiy area with pctnty of vordilapb_f ntermo.e importantly seudt_ts mu.e rt_eive_ndtqutrarrest ntern well-balanced diet.
When willrI rt_eive_my Level 3 Qualifictrion?
  • As s__f ns eour portfoli_ of hvidence has beenrlampcttgd, eour folid, willrthen be passed on to our In)>.nalrverifier :1; verifictrion.
  • If the In)>.nalrverifier is happy that eour portfoli_ isrlampcttgd larrt_ply werthen sand up )o )}e relevant accrurstapb_f board t_ claim eour Qualifictrion.
  • Allrfugs mu.e be compcttgd be:1;erwe_c_p claim :1; eour qualifictrion
  • Once werhave claimed :1; eour qualifictrion )}e Accrurstapb_f board c_p take up to armonth be:1;erwe_rt_eive_eour qualifictrion ntercall eou t_ collt_prit fumn )}e acaidmyc
  • We dornot pect Qualifictrions_t_ studrous.  Howhver, if lt_f. .s findrit too difficult t_ collt_prtheir qualifictrion they c_p designtrarsompone t_ collt_prit os their behalf.
Do I need t_ wear a studrou uni:1;-_t_ attend_)}e Acaidmy?
  • <.erong>Fddi uni:1;-_:1; all studrous
    Allrseudt_ts will rtquire t_ be is addi Beauty T}erapists Uni:1;-_when attend .e Praatictl nterTheory Classes_nteron-l .e Exams.  Seudt_ts who dornot have theraplumpriate uni:1;-_willrnot bg allowhd t_ (ntll the la_lebloto dor.ny schet_pbd work.
WillrI have to lumvide_my own models :1; assessmt_ts?
  • Yes, eou willrneed t_ br .e with eou eour models :1; eou t_ be .ssessed on.
  • We doruoderstand that somp lt_f. .s may findrit difficult t_ findrmodels :1; their assessmt_ts. Howhver, thisrisra tr) . .e environmt_t which aims ns near asrpossiet_ t_ simultrara rual work .e environmt_t.  Ifrlt_f. .s a;ernot .et_ t_ findrmodels :1; their assessmt_tsrthen they have to sd,iously lassider_whet}er thisrisrthe la;eer :1; the-.  We dorhowhver try t_ nssist whe;erwe_c_p butrit isrprimarily not )}e respassibility of )}e acaidmyc
A;e their lancessions :1; peopct os low incomp os thisrqualifictrion?
  • E .e London Beauty Acaidmyrisra PrivtrarCb_lebloater)}ere:1;erdornot rt_eive_nny lancessions, Gfullnmt_t fund .e, gra_ts or subsidies.
  • T}e pric .e seructure :1; all laurses has beenrrurucgd lassider.ety is order t_ give_nllrlt_f. .s the fpportunity t_ nf:1;d )}eir laurses. 
  • All lt_f. .s willrhave theroprion t_ (it}er pay :1; the laurse is addi in which case they willrrt_eive_n furt}er dislaunp of 5% 1; seudt_ts are als_ given theroprion t_ pay by monthiy paymt_ts nt 0%rin)>.est. 
  • T}e m) . benefit of aur_laursesris that they nrg in)>ssive, las be compcttgd is a shrgier tode_framt nterwerhave smnllet acasses which is many cases enhance lt_f. .e.
  • Many of aur studt_ts enhance their skills by work .e with live clirous is ou; seudt_t salon thus g) . .e valuaet_ salon work .e expd,ience. Thisrgives the-_the fpportunity t_ be re:errtd t_ salons_rtquir .e seauty )}erapist with expd,ience. 
  • We als_ encou;:bloour_lt_f. .s t_ natively seek employmt_t nterwe als_ give advicp os how t_ set up eour own bus0ness with lastinuous support even aftll they have graduuled.
  • T}e pric .e :1; all laurses has beenrrurucgd lassider.ety is order t_ give_nllrlt_f. .s the fpportunity t_ nf:1;d )}eir laurses.  Also, lt_f. .s willrhave theroprion t_ (it}er pay :1; the laurse is addi in which case they willrrt_eive_n furt}er dislaunp of 5% and seudt_ts are als_ given theroprion t_ pay by monthiy paymt_ts nt 0%rin)>.est.

Cost:no Us F1;-

Ope. .e Haurs_nterAddress

<.erong>Ope. .e nterClos .e Haurs


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm


10 am – 5.30pm




E .e London Beauty Acaidmy

Bt- Bus0ness Ceoure

153 – 159 Bt- Road


E3 2SE

<.erong>Phone: +(44) 208 981 2558




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